One of Shabtai’s specialists will use their expertise to gage a realistic estimate for your item. Auction valuations are free and you can ask for one in the following ways.

By Email
Visit the departments page on our website and send a written description and, if possible, an image of your item to the relevant specialist. If you are unsure who to contact email customer services who will be able to put you in touch with the right person.

By Post
Send a photograph and a written description of your item to your nearest saleroom or office. We will then contact you to give our valuation and discuss the best sale options for you.

In Person
Seeing your object first-hand gives our specialists the best possible opportunity to examine it in detail. You can then telephone or email to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can take the object you would like valued into any of our salerooms and, if a specialist is available, you will be able to get a valuation on the spot.

House Visits
If you are not able to visit our office we can come to you instead. Give us a call at 877-301-3097 to make an appointment.

Shabtai’s are experienced at dealing with Probate items. Please contact the Trusts and Estates department to make an appointment for one of our specialists to visit you and, if appropriate, the property.


Selecting the Most Suitable Auction and Date to Sell Your Property
Our specialists are very experienced at placing items in the right auctions and they will advise you on the most appropriate auction for your item.

Transporting your property
You are responsible to transport the item yourself at your own expense

If you are consigning goods from overseas, shipping charges, taxes and import duties may apply. Some countries apply import and export regulations for some types of goods. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with these. You should take particular note of export licensing and CITES (endangered species) export / import regulations. Please contact Shabtai’s in advance if you have any doubts on what to do.

Agreeing Sales Terms and Reserve
When we have agreed on the sale terms, we will give you a Receipt and Contract Form listing the details about the price at which you will be prepared to sell your item or items.

Contract and Receipt for Consignment
When you have consigned your goods for sale our specialist will discuss your sale requirements with you and record these on the Receipt and Contract Form.

This document is important because it is your instruction to us to sell. It is your contract with Shabtai’s, specifying the sale terms, and your receipt for the property you have consigned. The form carries your personal reference number for that particular consignment, in the top right-hand corner, which should be quoted in all communication concerning your sale items. At the same time we will also give you a folder containing our Conditions of Business.


Minimum Commission
The Vendor’s Commission is subject to a minimum commission per lot
Please contact the department for details.

Seller’s Commission Rates
Please contact the department for details.

Loss and Damage Warranty Fee
1.5% of the Hammer Price of each lot if sold, or if unsold, 1.5% of the average of the high and low estimates.

Unsold Charge
A minimum charge will be applied per lot (plus the Loss and Damage Warranty Fee as detailed above).

Sale Catalog Images
Your item will be included in the sale catalog. A picture is also often included although this is not guaranteed.

Illustration charges
You will only incur charges if we have agreed this with you in advance.

Web illustration charge
You will only incur charges if we have agreed this with you in advance.

VAT/Sales Tax
VAT or Sales Tax, at the current rate, is payable on all commissions and charges, except for sales held in the United States and Hong Kong where it is indicated as inclusive. Please contact the relevant department for further details.

Additional Charges
There may be additional charges for restoration, shipping, packing, storage, custom duties and import tax, if appropriate. These charges will only be made, however, if you have agreed to them beforehand.

All sales are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Business as stated on the Receipt / Contract.

Shabtai’s bears all the normal costs of advertising and promotion. In some cases, however, we – or you – may believe there is a need for additional advertising. If this is the case, we will discuss it in detail with you and then plan a specific advertising campaign and put it into effect.


Auction result notification
After your goods have sold successfully, we will send you a auction result notification. This will list the individual lot(s) and the price made by each item. If you would like to know the outcome on the day, you are welcome to telephone the saleroom about an hour after the end of the auction.

Payment is made by bank transfer after the auction date, assuming that we have received full payment from the buyer. Please contact the department for more details on the timing of payments. We will also send you a settlement statement detailing the charges which have been incurred. Relevant charges are normally deducted before your settlement is prepared and sent.

Trust Accounting
Shabtai’s operate a system of trust accounting. At all times clients’ money is held in an account entirely separate from the rest of the business. Shabtai’s is the only international auction house to offer clients this critical safeguard.

Unsold Lots
There is an unsold minimum fee per lot (plus insurance as detailed above). There may be other additional charges, such as an illustration fee (see above). If you would like to re-offer your property in a future auction you can do so and should talk this through with the department. If you would prefer not to re-offer your property, you will need to make your own arrangements to collect it from us.